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Moncofa: paradise and orange blossom , is the salt of the sea and the shadow of Espadà , resting on a plain and bordered by the river Belcaire , occupies one of the flatter and less steep de la Plana Baixa lands.
Formed "Mont " mountain and " Kofka " land of water, surrounded by lakes and before " Stanys " was based on a small hill , and today is the town of Castellón that is closest to the sea. There are nuances in their land of diverse cultures : Iberians, Romans and Arabs , and comprised 18 km of coastline , where the river is Belcaire established as an important way of pier and trade, also have been a place of peace for finishing in the vicinity of the reconquest and the Civil War ...
Walking through its streets is to awaken to a new world of sensations, the ringing of bells , the murmur of the sea, and humid breath of fresh air, talk of the people and the intense smell Azahar become not only a tourist destination but in the reflection of the soul of a region for its scenery and mountains make it one of the most beautiful places on earth .

Blue Route Beaches Moncofa

This route is practicable for people cuaquier age, no risk , is ideal for jogging , cycling or just a walk , start from any point on the beach and in the tour you can see the full set of Playetas , parks, sports facilities ...

Camins Parkway Moncofa

This route allows you to create your own itinerary planning . The excellent infrastructure and various signaling which enjoys Moncofa .

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Blue Route de L' Estanyol

This route is intended to visit the areas of Belcaire, the lookout tower and place Beniesma
L' Estanyol wet coast , with Silene Cambedessi whose global range is restricted to a part of the Balearic Islands and beaches south of Belcaire .

L' Estanyol is resting and nesting spot for many migratory birds : Gallinule , Avetorrillo , Grebe , and Plover ...
This route allows you to link to other routes .

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Moncofa is the sea, beaches are Moncofa .
The seafaring tradition is given since Roman times for its long coastline where the presence of the piers in lakes and lagoons , protected vessels storms of the sea. Its 6 km of beaches offer the opportunity to practice various activities related to the aquatic environment: fishing, windsurfing , canoeing, sailing, swimming, diving, volleyball playa ... From north to south are the beaches of Pedraroja , Grau, Masbó , Belcaire, Beniesma and Estanyol .

Drawn tamarind and palm trees, in the same sea populated the beaches Pedraroja , Grau and Masbó are awarded year after year with the Blue Flag of the European Community for the quality of its waters and are equipped with amenities such as surveillance and lifesaving , beach accessible from the CC.VV. , showers , entertainment .

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Deserves special wealth in Iodine , which give a peculiar character to his dense and best water for skin care , for its antioxidant , antiseptic and circulatory properties . Walking around the south, you can find different landscapes: pristine beaches in the natural setting of " Estanyol " Near microreserve flora, rugged areas in the beach Beniesma with the watchtower of the same name and canyars in the mouth of Belcaire, recommended for fishing the " rall " areas.

Continuing our short walk to the entrance of the seaside town , looking east lies surrounded by gardens and a thick grove honoring the Hermitage St. Mary Magdalene , symbol of yesteryear where the small seaside village of Grau, celebrates holidays with more ancestral 500 years of tradition on July 23 , with the famous landing of the patron who is accompanied by a large crowd from the seashore to the chapel .


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Cultural route

In the " Vila" is the parish church dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene built in 1698 on a somewhat smaller church , built in 1329 . A basilica in its corridors , carved wood and polychrome figures dedicated to San Isidro , Santa María Magdalena , San Antonio Abad ... include neoclassical architectural details in the main altar and barrel vault with floral ornate coffered stucco .
Outside stands in a small square in the modernist fountain is 1925 . Continuing along the High Street and the corner San Roque are the last vestiges of the fortified wall that Moncofa .

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Moncofa is a prime location for ptracticar cuisine. Mil flavors thousand tastes, if there is anything that characterizes the cuisine of our land is the wide variety of products and the unlimited ways to prepare and cook , cuisine mainly based on the freshness of its food from the ground or sea, have been a hallmark of quality . The character of its people , ambitious to achieve product improvement through experimentation were born many varieties and cauliflowers : Tot Santeres , Purisimeres , Nadaleres , San Blayeres and Marseres , allowing enjoying excellent results for a long period of time .
Land and their fields can be harvested many products , known throughout the region that satisfy the palates of the most discerning gourmets : tomatoes, onions, beans, broad beans , cabbage, lettuce, beans , peppers or eggplant, and queen special summer fruit in Moncofa an ideal point of flavor and aroma that gives special recognition to " Melo Moncofa " in its varieties of L' tot Any Melo ( Melon ) and Melo d' alger ( Sandia )
If Moncofa in their clay soils produce the best ingredients of Mediterranean cooking, healthy , rich and varied.
Then open the Mediterranean pantry, this has thousands of scents in their products that satisfy the most discerning palate. The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world for the many different vitamins and natural preparations . Marine products are combined in their best paellas, Arros to side rossejat i galley or prawn paella marisc, are also famous rice dishes made ​​with local produce Arros in col, Arros in fesols i naps or paella tradicionalen their seafood varieties , chicken , rabbit and snails , etc. .
And in the center , in the heart of all this food orange variety is where the finest of tangerines , and clementines , Irresistible varieties offer an ideal dessert for a delicious snack that satisfies from the largest to the smallest in each bite.

Moncofa Cookbook

In summer it is very typical in the picnic of the seashore caps on sardines , cuttlefish , squid , snails and whitewater .

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Moncofa is party. Throughout the various parties involved calendar year : January is typically in the procession of animals with the blessing of San Antonio to rate tambores.Ya in solemn processions on Good Friday Easter give way to the representation of the meeting on Sunday in the garden Easter . On June 23 the " Nit de San Joan ," the fire and the music starts to give room to the summer season in the longest night of the year.In July, the festivities of St. Mary Magdalene in " desembarcament " ( landing ) tradition of over 500 years which takes place on July 23 . Other holidays and bullfighting events take place until August fiesats " Sant Roc" in the seaside town where we highlight the moated castle on the beach of Grau.

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Músical Festival international character .
Three days duration during the 2nd half of August the festival performances are combined with parallel activities courses, workshops and seminars , all in the Mediterranean- environment.

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Moncofa es música, arte, deporte, teatro…    Moncofa es moda.

Activitats Esportives Platges de Moncofa, (AROUND deportivas en las BEACHs de Moncofa). Acontecimiento deportivo continuo que se desarrolla durante los meses de Julio y Agosto:

Mitja Marató (media maratón) , Travesia a nado Banderes blaves (banderas azules), vela, yoga, aerobic platja, bailes de Salón …Moncofa es FOC, (fuego) fira d’oci i cultura (feria del ocio y la cultura), de carácter independiente que tiene lugar la 2ª quincena de Agosto, exposiciones, festival de cortometrajes, conciertos musicales, teatro en la calle, son la refrescante oferta cultural que se presenta cada verano en la orilla del mar.

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Moncofa is music , art, sports , theater ... Moncofa is fashion .

Activitats Esportives Platges of Ocana, ( Sports activities on the beaches of Moncofa ) . Continuous sporting event that takes place during the months of July and August:

Half Marathon ( half marathon ) , Crossing swim Banderes Blaves ( blue flags ), sailing, yoga, aerobics playa , dances Lounge ...
Moncofa is FOC , (fire) fira d' oci i culture ( Fair leisure and culture ) , independent character that takes place the 2nd half of August , exhibitions , festival of short films, music concerts, street theater , are refreshing cultural offer that is presented every summer at the seashore.Concert to Mediterrani . combined symphonic concert with fireworks on the banks of the beach which is held in late August . Medieval Market . In mid- December. Moncofa returns to its past in December with jugglers, puppets and crafts .

Telephone Numbers :

964 580 136 Local Police
Fire 085
Consult. Medical 964,579,085
Guardia Civil 964 580 035
Pharmacy 964 580 015
Playa Pharmacy 964 588 081


Our Services

- Swimming pool.
- Children swimming pool
- Bar- Restaurant
- Supermarket .
- Laundry
- Carwash
- Playground
- Baby dressing room & bath
- Disabled toilet
- Football
- Safety deposit boxes
- Public Telephone
- Fax
- Parking of vehicles
- Dogs shower.



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